What is Deporia?

Deporia is a new crypto coin developed according to the latest technical standards. The special feature of Deporia is that each coin is directly linked to a real value. Behind Deporia is a metal depot with a variety of different metals. All metals together represent the value of the Deporia coin.

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What kind of metals are in the depot?

In order to keep the value of the depot stable over decades, we have decided on a wide diversification. At the time of the first offer, high-purity gold, copper and nickel stocks are in the depot. The capital will have to be adjusted upwards again and again over the period of time. With time, other rare earth metals, precious metals, base metals and minor metals will be added.


All metals used for the deposit are analysed, evaluated and stored by reputable institutes. An independent notary regularly confirms the value of the deposit. Deporia is politically and economically independent of the existing monetary system. Each coin is deposited at a ratio of 1:1. The metals are in a specially secured and insured warehouse in Switzerland.


Transparency creates trust. Deporia should offer the user maximum transparency. For this reason, all data on the Deporia Internet site is regularly updated. The only compromise that had to be made between transparency and insurance is to keep the location of the warehouse and the quantities of metals confidential. An independent notary, however, will regularly confirm the value of the entire warehouse.



Facts about the Deporia Pre Sale timeline and our planed start.

Token Name: Deporia
Token Platform: Tendermint
Coin standard: ERC20
Maximum supply: 100.000
Available at IPO: 10.000
Presale phase 1 Start 01.06.2020 50 Eur / Coin
Presale phase 2 Start 01.01.2021 75 Eur / Coin
IPO Start spring 2021 100 Eur / Coin
Emission rate: 100 Eur / Deporia Coin

Coin Sale Proceeds

You can see here the current chart by country of your presale.


Company Roadmap

Our roadmap until now, more is planed for the future.


Base of concept


Creating full concept


Start of development

The Team

Operator and developer of the Blockchain is the company Coinhouse Ltd. Years of experience in the field of crypto currencies and all programming languages make it the heart of Deporia.

All metals are selected, analyzed and evaluated by the German Institute for Rare Earths Elements and Strategic Metals. An important consultant for the long-term sustainability of the deposited metals.

Transparency is ensured by the Estonian company Gate to Baltics. A team of experts for crypto-currencies consisting of lawyers ensures transparency towards the users.

Ask Anything

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Deporia. If you cannot find your answer, please write to us using our contact form. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions about Deporia.

What kind of metals are deposited?
At the ICO, gold, high-purity copper and high-purity nickel are deposited. It is planned to add platinum group metals, rare earth elements and other strategic metals in the future.
What do you use Deporia's earnings for?

10% of the income is used for administrative expenses of Deporia.

10% of the revenues are used to maintain the network, block chain, security, trouble-free operation and regular improvement of Deporia.

80% of the revenues are collected to regularly buy new metals for the Deporia depot, to cover storage and insurance fees.

Will the coin volume of Deporia Coins be increased?
Over time, more metals will be purchased. With each purchase, the increase in value will be notarized and a corresponding number of new coins will be added. The amount of new coins is always equal to the amount of EURO in the ratio 1:1.
What is the value of the metals in the depot?
The value of the metals in the securities account corresponds 1:1 to the value in a FIAT currency at emission.
Can the price of a Deporia Coin increase?

There are two ways to increase the price of a Deporia Coin:

1. more metal is added to the deporia coin. Each time additional metals are purchased, the coin volume and the coin price increase in equal proportions.

2. the price will rise due to the regulated buying and selling of coins caused by increasing acceptance over time.

Is there a sales prospectus?
Deporia is the first security coin in Europe to have a European sales prospectus.
Where can I exchange Deporia Coin for FIAT currencies (national currencies)?
The crypto trading platform Coinhouse.one provides support for Deporia. Deporia Coins can be bought and sold on the same website www.coinhouse.one. Over time, several Crypto trading platforms will be joined, ultimately creating a global network, ideally very soon.
What is the technology behind Deporia?
Unlike most "crypto currencies", Deporia is an independent coin, with a specially developed block chain and its own global network. All certificates and protocols correspond to the latest developer technology.
Is it possible to "mine" Deporia Coins like other coins?
No, the volume of Deporia Coins can ONLY be increased by adding value to the depot. Foreign nodes (the witnesses) still receive payment. However, this payment comes from the stock of the coins. No new coins are generated for a witnessing.
Are there large coin positions in private ownership?
No, in the pre-ICO financing rounds a maximum of 300,000 coins are issued. The ICO offers 15 million coins (including the 300k). This corresponds to the deposit value of 1.5 billion EURO at the ICO. All coins will be used, after deduction of administrative and development costs, to purchase new metals in order to secure the value of the coin.
What is the difference between Deporia and other coins?
Deporia is the only security coin that has a deposited sales prospectus and a notarized real value.
From which trading platforms for crypto currencies can I buy Deporia Coins?
Initially only from the issuing house, Coinhouse.one. However, any trading platform in the world can request from Coinhouse.one and, after a positive check, gets its own node to operate its own wallets.
Does Deporia Blockchain have an interface for external developers?
The Deporia Blockchain will provide a simple interface for external developers right from the start. Further development is important, which is why we have a contact person specifically for external developers.